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An excursion to the Moscow Kremlin is a tourist event available to anyone who has bought official tickets for an excursion to the Moscow Kremlin.

What to see in the Kremlin of Moscow

An excursion to the Kremlin of Moscow is an event that will impress any tourist. Visitors will be delighted with excursions to the Kremlin museums by unique priceless exhibits kept by the Diamond Fund and the Armory Chamber, and the Faceted Chamber will amaze tourists with its original architecture and decoration. Also, tourists will experience indelible emotions from cathedrals and historical buildings on the territory of the Kremlin, which traces its history back to the second millennium BC, when the Finno-Ugric tribes settled in this place, thanks to a convenient geographical location ... will acquaint you with the history of the "heart" of Russia and its greatest shrines.
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