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Excursion to the Kremlin Diamond Fund

An excursion to the Diamond Fund will allow you to see unique jewelry and precious metals and stones collected from all over our country at different times.
Walking tour 1.5 hours
In a group with a guide
Daily, except Thursday

How to book an excursion

1. Booking an excursion to the Kremlin Diamond Fund is done through the application form below.
2. Fill in the required fields and submit the application.
3. Wait for confirmation of your application.
4. Make a payment in a convenient way.

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The program of the event

The Diamond Fund is one of the most famous modern treasuries in the world, attracting tourists from all over the world on exciting excursions. Founded by Peter I more than 300 years ago, the fund contains famous and priceless exhibits.

Excursion to the Red Square of the Kremlin

Manezhnaya square

Visit to the Diamond Fund

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