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Excursion to the Kremlin Armory

An excursion to the Armory will not only allow you to visit a unique place, but also give you a chance to get acquainted with the richest exhibition of state decorations. Here you can see various types of armor and weapons, as well as various accessories used during coronations, royal weddings and other state events.

Walking tour 1.5 hours
Daily, except Thursday
In a group with a guide

How to book an excursion

1. Booking an excursion to the Kremlin Armory takes place through the application form below.
2. Fill in the required fields and submit the application.
3. Wait for confirmation of your application.
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Guided tour of the Armory in English with a visit to the museum for an organized group of up to 10 people - Walking tour - Duration 1.5 hours - Every day, except Thursday and other days when the Kremlin is closed for excursions - Children 6+, high school students , are admitted to the event only when accompanied by relatives or teachers.
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The program of the event

The Armory is one of the unique museums of the Moscow Kremlin. For the modern capital of Russia, it is the Armory Chamber that is the first collection of historical values.

Excursion to the Red Square of the Kremlin

Manezhnaya square

Visit to the Armory

On a guided tour of the Armory, you will learn about how this museum was founded. It was first mentioned already in 1537. A chamber in the 16th-17th centuries meant not just a place where something is stored, but also a place where something is produced. Weapons were created in the armory, and especially valuable works were kept here for storage. Only under Peter I did the Armory become a repository of precious exhibits.
If you've seen the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession", then you definitely go on an excursion to the Armory. After all, such a popular exhibit as Monomakh's hat is presented here. This accessory has been used in royal weddings for several centuries. Monomakh's hat has been on the heads of several rulers of our state, and here you can see it live.
It is definitely worth looking at Monomakh's hat. This is not just a wardrobe item - it is a real piece of jewelry. Sable fur, gold pommel with a cross, precious stones - all this gives the exhibit a solid appearance and enchants those who admire this thing.
On an excursion to the Armory, you will be shown another unique exhibit - a chain mail (or bayan) that belonged to Ivan the Terrible. Armor made of large iron rings only at first glance looks like a light piece of summer wardrobe. In fact, her weight is about 19 kg. But such protective clothing was not easy to wear - you had to fight in it!
In addition to numerous exhibits demonstrating a variety of weapons, various household items from ancient times can be seen in the Armory. An exhibit such as the winter carriage of Empress Anna Ioannovna is very interesting. The massive gilded carriage, which has huge wooden runners instead of wheels, inspires both awe and respect for the monarch's person at the same time.
The Armory is only two floors and 16 halls, but they show the whole history of our state, starting from the 15th century. To visit this museum means to touch the ancient history, travel back several centuries and make a trip to modernity in a few hours.

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